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Catering at Sanctus Healthcare

“Food is medicine,” sits at the crossroads of nutrition and healthcare. The American Society of Nutrition supports the growing interest in food as medicine. This concept helps dietitians, clinicians, and other healthcare providers determine which types of foods work as medicine interventions, who gets benefited the most, and how to best incorporate the said foods in the patient’s diet.

Sanctus Care provides healthy wholesome meals both vegetarian and non-vegetarian as per the dietary requirements of the patient/long- term resident. The healthcare facility has a separate cooking facility dedicated for the two food choices stated above. The catering team at the healthcare facility is commissioned to deliver high quality meals and not compromise on quality. The native /staple/local food preferences of a patient are considered heartedly as well.

Patients whose health condition demands a specially made food, whether soft foods, or food that is required to be fed to patients on naso-gastric feeding tubes are in the readiness as well.

Sanctus Healthcare is determined to cross every mile
and reiterates that nutrition is an underrated and underutilised tool in the healthcare arsenal and has the power to accelerate recovery.

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