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    How should a senior citizen think of the costs of an old age home? Should one look only at the monthly costs of an the old age home? Is the cost of an old age home in Pune more or less than the cost of an old age home in Mumbai or elsewhere? What would be the best old age home for me? A luxury old age home in pune or something else? Is luxury old age home in pune truly, what I want? On the other hand, do I want good people around me? All these are questions that you will have in your mind as you search for the costs of an old age home. Best vrudhashram in pune.


    To help you think about it, read the pointers below:


    The overall cost of an old age home can include both direct and indirect expenses.


    Direct costs include:


    ·     Monthly fees for a room (including a shared room), food, additional food or special preferences etc

    ·     Additional fees for care services such as medical care, medicines, therapy, and assistance with daily activities

    ·    Any additional costs for special services such as transportation, special meal delivery, personal requirements such as cosmetics, toiletries, person specific medicines, magazines, periodicals ordered, digital subscriptions etc

    ·    And yes, Inflation


    Indirect costs include:


    ·       The cost of selling or renting out one’s current home

    ·        Any additional expenses related to actual moving


    It is important to note that the costs of an old age home can vary greatly depending on location and the level of care required.


    Old Age Home Monthly Cost

    For seniors, depending on location, type of accommodation, shared or otherwise, care level required, the costs of old age home in Pune, can vary between INR 10,000 to over INR 1,00,000 per month.


    While considering where to move, senior citizens tend to look at their current income stream but this can be dangerous and we will explain why.


    No one knows some things for sure:


    ·         How long we will live? And linked to it,

    ·         How healthy we will be as our years go by.


    While we may want to remain healthy and independent, this is not certain.


    Worse, what the inflation rate will be in the future is not certain. Inflation eats into the actual value of the income stream. To give an example, during the period from 1960 to 2021, the average inflation rate was 7.5% per year. Overall, the price increase was 7,704.85%. An item that cost 100 rupees in 1960 costs 7,804.85 rupees at the beginning of 2022. (Source:



    While it makes sense to consider what you are earning by way of pension or any investment income, you need to be sure that your income is truly indexed to inflation. This may not always be possible. 

    Best Old Age Home in Pune

    Financial institutions will sell what makes commercial sense to the sales managers today. Do not forget that even if they are individually honest, they operate with incomplete knowledge of the future just like us and they are just employees of for-profit businesses. Unfortunately, their organizations will usually find legal ways to renege on what you will imagine was their commitment, when it is convenient for them and most inconvenient for you. In addition, the individual managers from whom you bought the best retirement savings or income planwill not be around in the company for long.


    Given all the uncertainty, we always advise to choose a facility that leaves you enough on the table as saving. Do not consume everything of today’s income stream. If you can spend, 50,000 per month today, spend only 20,000 per month. Save the rest to deal with inflation and uncertainty around your own health.


    As an independent senior, if you spend 20,000 per month today then as a senior needing assisted living you might have to spend INR 40,000 to 50,000 per month even today.Imagine what inflation will do to your savings and future income stream!


    So think and consider carefully before deciding on the best old age home in pune or the luxury old age home in pune you fell in love with at first sight. Look for places that meet your actual need – a caring and compassionate team. Think of what luxury truly is as a senior citizen – a nice room or nice people around you.


    Moreover, always be giving to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews when they visit. It is good for you and good for them when you give versus them seeing you as a burden who needs to be supported either physically or worse financially. So be sensible! For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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