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I just wanted to say what a wonderful caregiver my mother had in the SanctusHealthcare team. She was admitted to the center at a very critical stage but within a week, she was weaned off the oxygen supply that was like a rebirth to her. The entire staff at SanctusHealthcare is very well trained, loving, caring and is patient, and gives utmost care and attention to all the residents. Thanks to all once again!

Mrs. Rangrajan

I am very grateful and indebted to you all forever. Although my mom’s stay was very short, but I know you all gave your best to her. Unfortunately, my mom did not live long enough, as her health condition was critical. If she had lived a little more, I am sure she would have walked out of your place smiling and on her own feet. However, I must state here that I can never forget the farewell she got, all thanks to your team. They bathed her in hot water and draped her saree so beautifully, and made her look so beautiful, exactly the way she would have wanted to go. Even I could not have managed that! Thanks for doing that so lovingly. Ever grateful!

Dr. Steele

This is to place my gratitude and appreciation for the work being done by SanctusHealthcare in looking after my brother, Mr. Wadhwa. At a point, when it was beyond my capacity to take care of my brother, SanctusHealthcare was a big help. Again, a big thank you to all for everything!

Mrs. Shahani

Thank you and your team members for taking very good care of my father Mr. Joshi ever since he was admitted to SanctusHealthcare center in May 2019. For him, it was a homely stay, and he never had any complaints. The staff has always welcomed us with a smiling face. All the rooms were kept very clean, and the staff members were quite attentive to my father as well as to other patients. There is positive energy in the air at the Centre because the team has a positive approach to patient care. SanctusHealthcare care for my father was much better than that compared to the hospital staff. We saw happiness on the face of other patients whenever we visited the center. We recommend SanctusHealthcare name to others due to the high level of care and cleanliness, quality food, personal attention to each patient, and cordial behavior of all the staff.

Mr. Joshi

First, we would want sincerely to thank all the staff at SanctusHealthcare for the care they provide for our loved one. On Friday, it was his birthday, and they had a cake cutting for my uncle!! It is difficult to thank in words for the care that all of you provide. Overall, our feedback for the facility is very good. The staff is clean, and the facility is well maintained. Especially the garden on the ground floor and the sitting tables and chairs are very good. Even the soft music being played in the common areas is a welcome step! Thank you once again.

Mr. Burzin

I am thankful to the team for doing such a wonderful job of giving care. I found the staff to be friendly always, willing to engage and give updates. SanctusHealthcare has a human touch and expertise in senior care. I would highly recommend this facility for senior care in Pune

Mr. Khan

After my mom’s death, my father was very clear that he wanted: to be independent and manage things on his own. After much searching, we came to SanctusHealthcare where my father was the second resident. He was 83 years and had severe loss of hearing in one of the ears. He and we developed a bond with the entire SanctusHealthcare team and he, without complaints about the service, care, or food, stayed at the center for 3 1/2 years.

Mr. Bhide

Excellent attitude and commitment of the staff – compassionate handling of the patient!

Mr. Dutta

Affectionate, adjusting and caring staff was a lot of help in my mother’s care. Sincerely appreciate the care provided and May God Bless you and your families. I also learned a lot about the bedside care of the patient from SanctusHealthcare staff. Thanks again.

Ms. Poonam

Mr. Rama is 86 years old. He suffered an ischemic stroke. He was discharged from a leading hospital in Pune after 11 days where he was stabilized. He is paralyzed on the right side and is unable to communicate. He is presently bedridden and is completely dependent on all his basic needs. He is being fed with a Ryle’s Tube and requires position change regularly. Mobilization has been done and now he requires regular passive physiotherapy. The SanctusHealthcare team has taken complete ownership of his rehabilitation process. Trained medical attendants, physiotherapy are being given to the patient. SanctusHealthcare is providing all other requirements of the patients from medical equipment, disposable items like diapers, medicines, etc to the patient in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mrs. Rama

Never had a chance to thank you properly in the last month for your help! I really, appreciate your help in getting me good and capable medical attendants for my father, while he was bedridden in January at the SanctusHealthcare. These people were very well mannered and very efficient, and most importantly trustworthy. In fact, my family was very impressed and thankful for their support in our crucial time, so much so that my mother was spared the pain and physical effort of managing my father. I remember calling you often for help and guidance and I was never disappointed. I wish there was some way I could show deep appreciation in ways more than a word.

Mrs. Geeta

After suffering from Arthritis and chronic Asthma for nearly 6 years, Mrs. Shiny aged 80 years was admitted to our center in June. She took a few days to adjust to the new environment. The SanctusHealthcare staff took care of her daily routine activities. She had physiotherapy sessions for After suffering from Arthritis and chronic Asthma for nearly 6 years, Mrs. Shiny aged 80 years was admitted to our center in June. She took a few days to adjust to the new environment. The SanctusHealthcare staff took care of her daily routine activities. She had physiotherapy sessions for two hours every day. Therapists focused on strengthening bilateral lower limbs and quadriceps, to restore ROM (range of motion). Since then, she has made good progress. She is able to get out of bed and walk with a walker. Mrs. Shiny is happy to see her regained mobility and continues with her treatment

Mrs. Shiny

My mother, Mrs. Wadial, was diagnosed with late-stage cancer with metastasis. We were traumatized and had lost all hope. At that point, we had to be brave and make our decision on what was really good for Mom. We were referred to SanctusHealthcare and their doctor explained that my mother had a right to a dignified life as it drew to it close and most importantly, a painless and comfortable end. There was no need for heroics on the stage. SanctusHealthcare team developed our mother’s palliative care plan wherein they maintained her morale, kept her happy, and managed her pain. SanctusHealthcare” multi-functional team provided round-the-clock medical care to ensure that her last days were peaceful. I am glad we went for SanctusHealthcare center-based care otherwise we would have struggled to give her care at home.

Mr. Wadial

I was admitted to SanctusHealthcare canter after my spine operation with complaints like severe back pain radiating to both legs, leg spasms and I was unable to walk or sit. At SanctusHealthcare, I have received proper medical care from doctors, nurses, and attendants. With the help of Physiotherapy sessions in a few months, I got relief from symptoms to a very significant extent, and I went home happily walking with the help of a walker. I appreciate the services provided by the SanctusHealthcare team during my rehabilitation.

Asha kale

After my brain surgery, my sister admitted me to SanctusHealthcare facility for rehabilitation. At the time of admission, I was bedridden, unable to move my hands and legs, and unable to speak. Trust me this is a very good place. It is clean, doctors, nurses, and attendants are well trained, and they are efficient. I got very good medical care under the observation of the doctor. The Physiotherapist prepared a proper plan for me and as per that; he made me walk within a few months of time. I went home as a normal walking individual. I will highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs it.

Mrs. Dsouza

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