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Sanctus Healthcare Gym And Physiotherapy Centre

Sanctus Care has a fully functional modern gym with key equipment on premises. With the registered physiotherapists who are on site, long-term patients and seniors are able to use the facilities that improve overall wellness.

Due to the short and long -term effects that exercise has, physical activity is a fantastic way to combat the onset of both physical and mental illnesses. Not all medical conditions are addressed solely through medical or surgical treatment. Aftercare, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services are complimentary and supplementary to achieving positive health outcomes.

The high-quality equipment for the gym that has been procured from the leading manufacturers with excellent safety designs, easy to use controls allow for ease of use by the patients and residents. Further, at the separate in-house physiotherapy centre, all required equipment such as IFT, ultrasound, wax bath, shoulder wheel, finger ladder etc have been set up so that whatever the patients need can be provided

The physiotherapist team managing the centre are highly experienced and have over 20 years of cumulative experience. They are competent at managing all rehabilitation needs for musculoskeletal, neuro, and pulmonary physiotherapy. Among other things, our specialty is stroke recovery rehabilitation, COPD and ILD management and facilitating bed-ridden patients retaining flexibility and achieve their recovery goals.

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