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SanctusHealthcare: Rehabilitation and Care Center

What we do?

SanctusHealthcare supports patients who need a high level of medical care. Our residents and patients cannot either stay admitted in a hospital for the long term or be looked after well enough at their own homes

How do we support:

For supervised rehabilitation services, we have highly experienced Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Occupation and Speech Therapists, and trained Medical Attendants
We approach care scientifically and follow all modern protocols of patient care and rehabilitation
We take in patients who we genuinely can help and support. Currently, we do NOT support patients who may show aggressive symptoms, whether physical or verbal aggression, dependencies of alcohol, drugs, and other psychotic conditions

When do we support:

Typically, our residents come to us from the hospital for short or medium term rehabilitation needs or
They come to us from their own homes because patients'/senior citizens' families are unable to manage the varied needs of patient care

Where do we support:

We are currently supporting our residents in Pune only at our 24x7 center at Baner, Pune

Patients who we support typically have

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