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Following a stroke, an individual can have multiple disabilities and require continued nursing and rehabilitative support post discharge from hospital. Our comprehensive program for Post Stroke patients addresses their support needs and associated clinical conditions, such as paralysis, etc.
Trained nursing support can reduce probability of stroke related complications.
Starting a rehabilitation program as soon as possible increases the chances of an individual to regain some of the lost abilities. Alternatively, one can learn to compensate for damage that can’t be undone.
Muscle weakness and balance problems are common after a stroke, which interfere with walking and the other activities of daily living. Physiotherapy is an effective way to regain strength, balance, and coordination.
For fine motor skills, such as using a knife and fork, writing, and buttoning a shirt, Occupational Therapy can helpful.
It’s common for stroke survivors and their loved ones to experience a wide range of intense emotions, such as fear, anger, worry, and grief, which can be effectively addressed by a Psychologist.
For people who have trouble speaking, speech and language therapy can be helpful.
SanctusHealthcare offers 24 x 7 supervised residential multi-functional support for post-stroke patients at the 24 x 7 Center, Shriniwas, Baner.

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