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Dr Yash Khanvilkar

Dr Yash Khanvilkar

Consulting Physician
Dr Yash is a keen learner and keeps abreast with developments in the field of Internal Medicine. He is a Post Graduate Diploma in Advance Diabetes Care and Clinical Endocrinology. Apart from this, he is also an enthusiastic teacher and is attached with Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, Pune as an Assistant Professor in General Medicine.
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar has more than 16 years of experience as a physiotherapist. He has a Masters in Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, a practice he heads at Sanctus Care since 2015. He has earlier worked at Indian institute of Cerebral Palsy, Varanasi, Recoup Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation Center, Bangalore.
Ms. Jyoti Karale

Ms. Jyoti Karale

Center Admin
Ms. Jyoti Karale has more than 12 years of experience in healthcare. She has worked as a Nurse in the Cardiac unit of the ICU at Swasthya Hospital and MJM hospital. Since 2017, she has been with Sanctus Care as both a Staff Nurse and then as Center Administrator.

Healthcare delivery is a team effort. Sanctus Care’s team at Shriniwas is now over 50 people and growing. We always have an appropriate number of nurses, medical support staff, housekeeping staff and catering staff to meet the diverse needs of our patients. The average tenure of our staff is over 4 years. We hire for their attitude with compassion being right on top and train them in house.

Founders & Advisors

Sanctus Healthcare was founded by a team of passionate professionals who having faced challenges of delivering care for their own grand parents, have put in a lot of hard work and resoures to build high quality geriatric care services, something which are still evolving in India.

The founders of Sanctus Healthcare are Mr. Syed Junaid Altaf, Executive Director, FIL Industries and Director, Sanctus Healthcare Private Limited and Mr. Dev Bharat, Director, Sanctus Healthcare Private Limited. Both are entrepreneurs with diverse corporate experience behind them.

Since 2013, they have worked on various models of care delivery and now are fully supporting the wonderful work being done by the medical team at the Shriniwas Center. They are assisted in their work by Sanctus Healthcare’s internal and statutory auditors, Ms. Shrawni Parande of Gokhale & Gokhale and Mr. Sanjeev Joshi of A H Joshi & Company.

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