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Post-Surgery Recovery

Post Knee replacement, post Hip replacement, post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) are today very common. While families look for the best doctor to do these procedures, they tend to estimate inadequately the importance of post-surgery rehabilitation. In fact, success of these procedures is critically dependent on frequency and quality of the physiotherapy received by such patients post-surgery.

Relying on home visits by physiotherapists may not be an ideal option because of the challenges involved in delivering home care especially around quality of care, time spent in each session, lack of punctuality among other things.

We offer rehabilitation packages for a few weeks or months depending on the need of individual patients for post-surgery rehabilitation. Our dedicated, experienced and full-time team of physiotherapists work with your consultants to ensure the desired recovery outcomes are achieved in the shortest possible time without encumbering you, the primary caregiver.

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