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Care of Unconscious Patient

In order to optimize care of unconscious patients at home, SanctusHealthcare has a comprehensive approach which involves finding the cause of unconsciousness (medical records, interaction with family, consulting doctor etc.), formulating a care plan in collaboration with the patient’s consulting physician, through our team of Nurses, Medical Assistants, Physiotherapists, Dietician etc.
The care plan involves:
1. Maintaining patient’s airway
2. Protecting the patient from falling off the bed
3. Maintaining fluid balance and managing nutritional needs
4. Maintaining skin integrity
5. Preventing urinary retention
6. Incontinence care
7. Providing sensory stimulation
8. Identifying potential complications (Respiratory Distress, Pneumonia, Bed Sores, etc.)
9. Medication Management
10. Specialized diet management – Ryle’s Tube, PEG etc
11. Support To Family
12. Physiotherapy
13. Assessing Progress
SanctusHealthcare offers 24 x 7 supervised residential nursing support for unconscious patients needing specialized nursing care at the 24 x 7 Center, Shriniwas, Baner.

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