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At some point of time, all of us have searched for nursing services or Patient care services in Pune or elsewhere, with mixed results.

While we all want to support our senior citizens as they advance in age or other long-term care patients at home with specialized nursing services, it is not always possible. This is so because of the lack of adequate formally trained nursing resources, difficulty in their traveling several times a day, sincerity of the individual staff appointed for home visits, the need for qualified supervision that we are not able to provide to these staff at home. As the health care needs of the patient evolve, you willneed to consult your doctor who needs to check the patient physically. So now, you have to find a way to move the patient or the senior citizen to a doctor, which is often very nightmarish. Moreover, as the patient’s health conditions change, the need to show to a doctor can arise several times a week.

Interestingly, we have found that compared to caring for patients needing nursing care, specialized centres, like SanctusHealthcare Shriniwas Centre are on a total cost basis, considering both direct and indirect costs, are much more affordable than home care.

It is in fact more affordable than prolonged stays at the hospital or keeping the patient at rehabilitation centres run by the hospitals themselves. It is for you to recognize the conflict of interest in such care centres, no matter what they might claim. Hospitals like to have their ICUs occupied and not all patients need to end up in an ICU.

At the Shriniwas centre, for our patients and residents, we provide all required specialized nursing support such as blood sample collection, IV injections and fluids administration, catheterization, ECG, specialized post-op/bed sore dressing. We look after patients who are dependent, paralysed and unconscious, sometimes with tracheotomy, and those requiring continuous oxygen, BiPAP and CPAP support amongst other conditions. Moreover, our team in Pune offers speech therapy and occupational therapy to give comprehensive care without conflicts of interest.

SanctusHealthcare offers 24 x 7 supervised residential support for patients needing specialized nursing care at the 24 x 7 Center, Shriniwas, Baner. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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