Sanctus Care

Sanctus Care’s Shriniwas Centre: Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

We have set up a modern, all weather, all light levels, digital system of surveillance cameras to track and record all the activities at all key areas such as the entrance, common areas of each dwelling unit, kitchen and nursing station etc.

While fully respecting the right to privacy and dignity of our patients and residents of our long-term care centre, the feed is stored for an adequate number of days to allow for a subsequent need based reference if at all required.

Our Centre head  and the team headed by Dr Abhijeet   maintains a vigil in the control room, tracks what is happening, and responds to exceptional events that need immediate attention.

While the deployment of this technology has facilitated a significant increase in security of the patients and senior citizens who are at their most vulnerable, it is our belief that our own staff, their training, their sensitization to supporting long-term care patients should be the more critical components of care delivery.

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