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About Sanctus’ Shriniwas Centre

Sanctus Healthcare today has a record of supporting 200+ plus long term care patients since 2015. Continuing with our motto of Compassionate Care, Always, Sanctus Care has set up a modern, fully equipped center at Shriniwas building, located D Mart Baner Pune.

The facility is a spacious and has an adequate number of rooms to take care of over 70 patients and residents. Shriniwas is well ventilated, clean building with a lot of natural light. The Sanctus team has worked hard on the building to make it ready to accept patients and residents.

The building layout is such that there is adequate space for an ambulance to enter and exit. The building has been made fire safe with all the required hoses and advised extinguishers, as per requirements of the Pune Fire Department. By design, a fire tender can go around the building easily.

The common infrastructure includes a 24×7 power back up so that never ever do our patients and residents have less light in their rooms. We understand well that senior citizens often need additional artificial light even during the day. Our choice of the building with a lot of natural light reflects our understanding of their evolving needs.

There is adequate space for residents to take a walk within the building and the Sanctus team has placed resting spots for the residents as they walk around. The walking area is broad and tree-lined. Further, our gardening team has created corners with flowering plants which add allows residents to be in touch with nature even when they stay in the heart of Pune

Our lift is always on and is supported by the 24×7 power back up so never ever will patients get stuck in a lift.

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