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Sanctus Care’s Approach: Adding Life To The Years And Not Years To Life

Sanctus Care approaches care differently. We strongly believe that instead of focusing on prolonging survival at any cost – patient suffering and associated financial cost – practitioners should focus more on improving the quality of life and well-being of patients. This is particularly for those who are of an advanced age or are suffering from terminal and/or incurable conditions. The realities of old age, end of life care or continuous care involves not just the suffering of the patient but also their overwhelmed families.

Primary caregivers go through caregiver stress marked by feelings of guilt, panic, depression, anxiety, physical tiredness and of course, the stress of having to pay huge bills that come from unrequired but forced ICU stays. Too often, we find families being guilt tripped into admitting their patients into ICUs. We, therefore, strongly believe in providing assisted, palliative and end of life to take away the stress and pain of long-term care.

People nearing their end need the space not to just survive but to live and have a purpose. We, at Sanctus Care believe in supporting such patient aspirations. These could be as small as wanting an extra pizza slice, a chocolate or something else that is close to the heart of the patient.

Lending a compassionate ear and finding ways to make the individual patient’s last days fulfilling and dignified before implementing therapy/recovery plans is at the heart of our care approach.

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