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Advantages & Disadvantages Of a Care Home

Home care is assistance that allows a patient with special needs the pleasure to stay in their home facility. These patients are primarily people who are getting older, are chronically ill, are recovering from surgery, or have a disability. The wellbeing and safety can become major concerns in these cases.

It is important to be aware when the patient needs extra help. If he/she needs some extra everyday assistance, there are many care options available. From home care workers to 24-hour centres for such care. The provision of personal care are as basic as the help with bathing, washing the hair, getting dressed, and doing the laundry of the patient.

Home care takers are happy to cook comfort meals for your loved ones in your home or delivering them to you. Home care ensures that family and friends can come over at any time and are not restricted by visiting hours that can be important in maintaining mental wellbeing.

However, in most cases, living at home while getting home based care can still be lonely and sub-optimal. This may depend on the level of care required, availability of family and friends around the patient and the kind of home care provider that is available. The patients’ safety could also be at risk while they are alone. They may not be able to press the emergency alarms or sometimes the technology can just snap, even if it is elaborate. Some seniors may not trust external care providers. This can make them feel vulnerable and alone. It is important to talk to older patient about their worries and consider whether the carer is right for them.

Further, patients and seniors may be reluctant to ask for help pushing back their needs and worsening their physical condition and end up needing a still higher level of care had they not delayed.

A notion that families often have is that home care is cheaper. It might well be but it depends on the level of care needed. If your house help can support the senior at home for basic needs, then it will be cheaper. However, if the care needs increase and you are not in a position to provide oversight then your cost savings will disappear and you notice the increased number of visits to the doctor, or to the hospital emergency then it is time to consider a 24-hour care centre. These are overall more affordable for advanced level of care that is needed.

To summarize, sometimes a care home is more suited to your needs, and at other times a 24-hour care home may be the most suitable option. However, it depends on each individual’s situation, patient’s care needs, personal preferences, availability of family support, availability of trained home care providers and financial condition.

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